The Golf Almanac is terrific! It is informative and always interesting. Loved the Bubba Watson bio. Great golf articles and tips we all can use! If you love golf, this is your go-to guide. Whether you are just a weekend golfer or an experienced pro, The Golf Almanac is where to turn.

-Dick Smith, Sr.

- Jimmy Jones

- Dick Hendrickson

- John Carpineta

PGA of America President 2001-02

PGA of America President 1991-92

- Peter C. Trenham

- William M. Fox

My good friend, John Carpineta, just handed me a recent copy of your Golf Almanac. I must say I was extremely impressed with its format, and the overall quality of the publication. In my opinion, this is exactly the type of magazine that would appeal to every golfer, especially the Golf Tips articles. I also look forward to reading your bonus articles on such wonderful causes as our Wounded Warriors program, which benefits our veterans.  Being a Navy brat, and after meeting Major Dan Rooney this great cause is the one I have chosen to devote my energies to now that I have retired.

I am glad to see that the Golf Almanac is recognizing the importance of such worthy causes as: Golf 2.0, The Wounded Warrior Golf Program, EAGA and the endeavors of the Philadelphia Section of the PGA. The informative golf tips from our pros along with the travel destinations and PGA tour schedules are an added bonus. This is a great publication that anyone, golfer or not, would enjoy reading.

Out of the 27,000 Pros in the PGA of America, to be selected to write for the nations fastest growing magazine GOLF ALMANAC is indeed an Honor.. My mission will be to share and combine golf instruction along with PGA golf initiatives of GOLF 2.0.

Your magazine, The Golf Almanac, is a welcome addition to the Delaware Valley golf community. Printed information on golf and print coverage of our golf events is badly needed. The Internet is a fantastic invention but having a publication that I can have on my desk when I get the opportunity to read and study the articles is very important and badly needed. Thank you for making this available to our golfers.

Absolutely a must-have for the Country Club golfer. Tips that improve your health, not just your game, are what we can all appreciate, and Golf Almanac delivers! Love the player profiles, from Arnold to Zoeller. Great job, guys!

Signature of Jack Connelly

PGA Golf Professional

PGA Golf Professional

PGA Golf Professional

President of Philadelphia PGA

PGA Head Golf Professional

Laurel Creek CC Tour

- John DiMarco

My members really enjoy the Golf Almanac magazine. Whether it is a golf destination article, tip from the Pro, or reviews on Golf clubs, it is very informative. Also, having the schedule of all 3 Golf tours keeps you up to date on where they are week to week.

The Golf Almanac offers a variety of golf articles and is an easy read for the common golfer. It’s a great magazine for the people seeking tips to improve their games, or the ones who want to read about the current events happening in the section. I am happy to have been given the opportunity to write my article “What’s In Your Bag?” for Golf Almanac and from time to time, I hope to continue educating readers with a “think outside the box" approach about the game of golf.

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Signature of Jack Connelly
Signature of Jack Connelly
Signature of Jack Connelly
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Signature of Jack Connelly
Signature of Jack Connelly
Signature of Jack Connelly