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The Golf Almanac is a publication designed for country club members nationwide as well as an opportunity for local businesses to gain new business with some of the wealthiest clientele in their area.  We have set the standard in our industry through relationship building over the past 17 plus years and have earned the endorsement of two past PGA Presidents as well as countless PGA pros nationwide, some of whom write articles for The Almanac.  Our aim is twofold.  We first look to provide country clubs and their members with quality golf and luxury lifestyle content as well as a business directory to service their needs.  Secondly, we provide a venue for local businesses to flourish by exposing their services to this high-end clientele on an annual basis.


The Golf Almanac is an annual publication and is free to all country club members and guests.  We service the nation by way of individualized markets throughout the U.S., typically consisting of five clubs per market, on average.


We have a high retention rate, with the majority of our customers returning to grace our pages year after year.  Contact us today to fill the category listing for your industry in your area!

My members really enjoy the Golf Almanac magazine. Whether it is a golf destination article, tip from the Pro, or reviews on Golf clubs, it is very informative. Also, having the schedule of all 3 Golf tours keeps you up to date on where they are week to week.

- John DiMarco

Head Pro Golf Professional

Laurel Creek Country Club

Out of the 27,000 Pros in the PGA of America, to be selected to write for the nations fastest growing magazine GOLF ALMANAC is indeed an Honor.. My mission will be to share and combine golf instruction along with PGA golf initiatives of GOLF 2.0.

-John Carpineta

PGA  Golf Professional

 WINNER of PGA's Patriot Award - 2023

Absolutely a must-have for the Country Club golfer. Tips that improve your health, not just your game, are what we can all appreciate, and Golf Almanac delivers! Love the player profiles, from Arnold to Zoeller. Great job, guys!

- Dick Hendrickson

President of  Philadelphia PGA


I am glad to see that the Golf Almanac is recognizing the importance of such worthy causes as: Golf 2.0, The Wounded Warrior Golf Program, EAGA and the endeavors of the Philadelphia Section of the PGA. The informative golf tips from our pros along with the travel destinations and PGA tour schedules are an added bonus. This is a great publication that anyone, golfer or not, would enjoy reading.


-Dick Smith, SR

PGA  of America President


My good friend,  John Carpineta, just handed me a recent copy of your Golf Almanac. I must say I was extremely impressed with its format, and the overall quality of the publication. In my opinion, this is exactly the type of magazine that would appeal to every golfer, especially the Golf Tips articles. I also look forward to reading your bonus articles on such wonderful causes as our Wounded Warriors program, which benefits our veterans.  Being a Navy brat, and after meeting Major Dan Rooney this great cause is the one I have chosen to devote my energies to now that I have retired.

-Jack Connelly

PGA  of America President


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• We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the design setup files and ad specs sheet to ensure that your ad fits our publication. (See links below)

• Please submit your ad in CMYK Format at 300 DPI Resolution

• PDF format if preferred but jpg, png, TIFF are also acceptable as well  as Adobe design files that are packaged.

• Do not include crop marks in your final ad.

• We DO NOT accept Microsoft Publisher files.

  (Please convert .pub files into a PDF)

Find the file name that corresponds with the ad size you purchased. Then open the file in your design program and move the guides to the red lines to set up your bleed area. Next, delete the layer with the red lines and design your ad. Once you are finished, export the ad as a full-resolution PDF with no crop marks and email it to us.

Yes! We can create an ad for you at no additional cost. If you choose this option, please email us a description of your services and any photos or logos you would like included. We can also build an ad from your website or social media sites. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

Our design department has a 1 to 3 business day turn around on ad design once we receive all instructions from you. Most ads are generated within 24 hours, but it does sometimes take a little longer.

• Communication via Email is preferred. This allows us to keep track of all revisions to ensure your ad is created to your specifications. However, you may also reach us in the Design Department at 561-637-4715.


• Please send the largest jpeg, tiff or PDF digital images you have for us to design your ad with.


• Please do not send us scanned images. They do not always work.


• Faxes of images or logos do not work.


• We DO NOT accept Microsoft Publisher files.

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Can you design my advertisement?

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Do I get a digital copy of my ad to keep?

Yes! Upon request, we will send you a full resolution copy of the ad we designed for you. You are then welcome to use it wherever you wish!


How many clubs does The Golf Almanac reach each year?

We currently distribute to over 1,800 clubs in the U.S. per year.  Every project is generally broken down into 5 clubs per market, on average.

Yes! You will be mailed a hard copy during the initial distribution.

Do I get a copy of the printed publication?

 Please know, your 12 months of advertising only starts once the club’s pro shops as confirmed receipt of the books with us. You will be mailed a hard copy as well during the initial distribution.

How long will my advertisement run?

Yes! When you receive your hard copy of the edition your ad is in, you will see a QR code on the cover that links directly to the edition where you can read it Online. There is also a typed link inside the publication on the Contents page. Feel free to share this link on your social media pages if you choose!

Is the publication available Online?

You can contact your sales rep and pay over the phone or click "Buy Now" on this site to pay through our safe payment portal ran by Heartland Payment Systems™

How can I pay for my ad?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. We also accept physical checks, digital checks via our payment portal and checks by phone.

What types of payment do you accept?

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